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Pakistan Citizens Data is No More Secured

Pakistani Citizens Data is No More Secured: Well, it is true from 2016 till Yet 2018 the Pakistanis Data is no more secured at all, Government fails to protect the nations private information such as Mobile Phone Number Details, NAADRA Details, PTCL Details, Calling From Someone else Phone Number To Someone Else To Make Things Worse.

In fact, you might have seen several news from ARY News TV Channel regarding these issues they have addressed this sort of issues. But, what I don’t understand is why is not FIA taking any action regarding this? Why it is easy for any simple Pakistani individual to find out someone details so easy.

Hackers are selling the private confidential details of Pakistani citizens from 100 rupees to Millions. These cases are not just limited to few people, well; millions of Pakistanis know about these issues, they have heard from news TV channel or from Facebook or Whatsapp Groups where they sell these confidential details freely on social media sites.

I have already written several articles on these issues on the same blog. Thousands of people have read the article and shared them on social media. And it’s not only that the public knew about this leak but the FIA and Government officials do know about them but Why don’t they take actions regarding this, is not yet understood by people like me who really cares about the confidential information.

If it is the case that our information which is sold just couple of hundred rupees, I might say I will never register any phone number, or any bank account, well, because each detail are sold easily on the market.

You must read this article that Why Pakistani Citizens Information is Not More Private? In this article I have listed some of the sites and Apps that could easily allow any person to download the apps and sign up to check out the details freely, how do those developers or hackers earn? They earn of advertising from Google AdSense a platform that allows you to put the ads on your Apps or Website to earn. And they make couple hundred dollars from that Apps or Websites, and they give all our billion dollar worth data free to anyone from anywhere.

You must also read article that Why is PITB Clueless About Pakistan’s Largest Data Breach? In this article I have clearly stated that why the NAADRA API was publicly open that anyone can fetch the data from the NAADRA API and check out the NAADRA most confidential data of Pakistan, Well, guess what if Pakistani hackers can get access to these confidential data so easy, Don’t you think that state sponsored hackers which are funded and trained hundred times better than Pakistani hackers they can get any information they seek.

What Confidential Data Does These Hackers Provide?

  • Complete Phone Number Details
  • Phone Number Tracking
  • Social Media Account Phishing Hacking Tricks
  • NAADRA Details
  • Location Finder
  • Calling From Innocent Individual Phone Number To Someone Else
  • PC Monitoring
  • SMS History
  • Fake WhatsApp
  • Call and SMS History Any Network
  • Android Web Monitoring

They have newly launched apps that can be access via IMEI Number only, if a person purchases from the hackers the app worth around $50 dollars he/she have to give IMEI number to the attackers in order to activate the app and be used by just 1 individual. They are so keen that other than just authorized individual no one should use this app, the one who pays will only use it.

If you truly care about your privacy and confidential data and you want that no one should access or view it without your permission, We must appeal to the Government about this issue, and bring some Qualified Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Team to defend against this attackers. Rafay Balochi tried hundreds of times on live TV regarding these attacks but Government and the rest of publish took him not on notice now these issues will be sold more if not stopped.

Share this article let all the people know who cares about his/her privacy. What do you think that this should be stopped? Let me know in the comment section below:

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