Pakistani E-Commerce Giant Bad Reviews from Customers

Daraz is the south Asian Online retailer website which was founded by a German Venture Capital company, Rocket internet. The website also operates the services in Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka and Myanmar. The co-founder of this e-commerce site was Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah.

The website gets so much famous in the short period of time and generated a lot of sale through its quality and good services. Then there was a time came when AliBaba offered him a good amount of money to handover the Brand to them. Somehow, with negotiation the co-founders sell their brand to Ali Baba Group.

 Well as I have mentioned a very short story of Daraz now I am going to discuss about the main thing that needs to be discuss here.

In the last 1 year most of the customers are continuously complaining about the bad services and delay delivery of their orders from Daraz. It was also experienced by some customers that the order they place comes to them in some other category or sometimes in a third-class quality.

One of story also notices in you tube where a guy ordered a fitness tracker and what he received in actual just see his story on the video below.

Another story is also notice by us in you tube where a guy ordered a charger from and plugged-in with the mobile. Just click on the video below to see the story better.

Another story is also notice by us in you tube where a young boy ordered 2 sewing machinesfrom and what was his experience after that just watch the video below to see what happened actually.

Another story of a guy regarding the 11 Sale. Just watch the video below and analyze the experience of the customer.

There are tons of videos on YouTube about the experiences but it is not possible to post all of them here.

Disclaimer: We did not order any product from yet. So, it is basically the experiences and reviews of the people who uploaded videos and we have mentioned it above.

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