Pornography Culture and Men in Pakistan

  • “Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men’s eyes when deciding what provokes it.”

#A majority of men in the UK think a woman is more likely to be sexually harassed or assaulted if she wears revealing clothes, new research suggests.

An exclusive survey conducted for The Independent found 55 per cent of men believed that “the more revealing the clothes a woman wears, the more likely it is that she will be harassed or assaulted”.

1: Pakistani dramas and films also have revealing things and characters that fall into the category of direct or indirect pornography and coincidentally the producers and directors are men and women.

2: On the other hand, on the personal social media accounts of the actresses, there are also provocative pictures and videos that can be a reason to lead a man to pornography/sexual harassment (people who have access to social media).

3: In Pakistan, child molesters continue their absurdity and extreme shamelessness by considering children as soft targets. Are these people also victims of this provocative stuff directly or indirectly?

4: Provocative videos and pictures of tiktok stars are also circulating in the market which fall under the category of direct pornography/ reason behind sexual harassment as a result of which the people of our society are sexually desperate to a great extent.

My Question Is

A: Whether sharing your revealing (nudes)videos, photos on social media is a fashion or a proof of being modern or is it just a time pass or a means of making money that men like the unconscious, dangerous, evil, wicked and beast Incitement after which the incidence of abuse of children and women has increased so much.

B: After all, what right does a man have to commit rape and sexual harassment with children and women?

C: why is man so enslaved to his sexual desires that he forgot to distinguish between right and wrong!

D: Can we justify the pornographic images and videos of tiktok stars,models and actresses?

E: Should such videos and pictures of actresses be ignored as their personal matter?

F: Should such nonsense, which affects both genders, be ignored?

G: When women wear revealing clothes, it can fuel the desires of some men. The frustrated men may then commit crimes, like rape. Should women stop wearing revealing clothes? What if women start wearing modest clothes and there is a reduction in rapes?

H: Can we hope for good in the face of such a plague in society?

Note: – My man and woman writing does not apply to all men and women Here, man refers to the vile people who are involved in this evil and filthy act and woman refers to the women who are involved in this obscenity.

What is your opinion, welcome to critics in the circle of distinction!

Credit: Adv Israr Kakar

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