SlaughterAhead: Ulema Must Establish Contrary Secret Society Like Freemasons

If Ulema didn’t establish a contrary secret society like Freemasons within a passage of 5 years, you will see them massacred by the very establishment they fear and law they bow to, one by one starting from 2021.

More laws will be passed to give god like status to establishment and the silence of scholars and public is only a testimony of their slaughter in coming future.

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Please start saving in Gold and avoid buying luxury goods and investing blindly especially on installment based projects offered by banking and construction industry.

Learn to trick the system the sooner possible else you will have your wealth wiped out infront of your eyes via FILTHY monopolies in water, energy and rental sector.

The future is dark only for those who trust Govt and their establishment more than their God gifted consciousness.

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I am over an out with all that I wanted to inform since 3 years and I will now take my contribution to the next level by making no noise at all and will update you whenever I can.

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon the innocent human beings and his curse be upon the oppressors and defenders of oppressors.

Credit: M. Mustafa Ahmedzia

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