Stock Gold Before the Second Wave of PLANDEMIC

  • #PREPARE: Stock Gold before the second wave of PLANDEMIC which is all set and the wolves are preparing the carpet via electronic media gradually for the public panic.

For those with innocent minds who look at gold price using glasses of a school boy. Gold rates are judged on annual basis and not weekly or monthly. Fools do such analysis.

Gold Price All Time High

Gold protects your wealth from leaking its purchasing power due to a bogus and worthless free floating fiat paper currency.

It’s not a product to be bought today and sold tomorrow. It’s about protecting your future wealth from shrinking.

If you have planned your child’s marriage or saving money for buying property or future education. Do it in Gold as that is the only true form of wealth on earth rest everything like the bogus CASH depends on trust in thin air and human manipulation.

As per my expectation once the bioweapon war begins in fool swing as it’s just a trailer so far, Gold prices will cross $10,000 per ounce (28gram) as gold reserves have almost depleted globally and only 20% reserves left.

They can fake the bogus banking printed money but never Gold. So use your brains and don’t ever trust electronic media.

Credit: M. Mustafa Ahmedzai

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