Startup Business or Idea in Pakistan

When you startup business or idea and you look after for the people to join the vision. but sadly no one would like to invest their time to bring best out of the box.

so you keep jumping walking and struggling to strive and make things happen.

after few years magic happens and all the people who never wanted to work with you. they come to you and ask for the opportunity for same idea.

now because you have office you have money the brand is known so they are very interested to work with you.

the reason is still not you. its the brand appeal the bank balance and the expensive car you drive around them. this all happens when people see things not visualize.

now it’s your time to use them and make more money out of them do not fraud them but utilize them use their energy let them get their profit and you also make your progress.

but don’t let people overcome your vision don’t let anyone make you feel down. the world and people are almost same everywhere.

what can change their mind and perception towards your personality and vision is your consistency for what you want to achieve.

make your goals clear to you. build roadmaps and timestamps
dost matter the speed of progress but what matter is you keep going.

invite everyone you never know who can be your best supporter in the time of need. don’t put believe in people believe in your own hard word.

and lastly don’t build company build culture.
build theme and value system. let people understand the flow and make things easier.

and always remember you can never define your vision but your vision can define what kind of person you are.

Credit: Qasim

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