CHANGING OPINIONS on Waziristan Incident [PTM vs STATE]

As more than 40 hours have passed after a very sad incident, we can now review the situation and compare opinions of people on both sides.

PTM’s View of the Incident:

1) A group of unarmed protesters in the company of two parliamentarians moved ahead of army check posts to join a seat-in at a prefixed place nearby when all of a sudden they were fired from behind by forces resulting in injury of 25 people and killing 13 people (3 at the spot). 

2) Immediately after the incident curfew was imposed in the region to hinder movement of injured people towards hospital.

3) ISPR Sends news to stooge channels that army check-post has been attacked by PTM leaders, while releasing instructions to channels not to take any news other than the script given to them about the incident. Unfortunately or fortunately some journalists reveal actual story in their tweets. 

4) In the region internet access is cut off so that videos of the incident are not shown and facts not revealed. 

5) Discussion is brought to parliament and those Govt members are selected to talk on the situation who know details of the region, have young emotional blood and they talk in parliament in the regional language too. 

6) Like in any situation establishment has kept some RESCUE points for itself like ‘ these leaders are traitors and they have links to foreign agencies’.

7) International media is given an impression that these are rebellious groups and are as much terrorists as Taliban.


Opinion on the Other Side:

1) The traitor leaders of PTM along with a violent mob attacked army check-posts as they had already warned in their speeches. 

2) People were instigated against army by these leaders. 

3) While moving towards check-posts people were raising slogans against army. 

4) These people were carrying hidden cameras and arms in a sensitive area.

5) The area was never suitable for a protest or seat-in. The protest should have been in the parliament. 

6) They annoyed army men therefore they had to fire in retaliation. 

7) Army was very cautious in firing as most of the firing was aerial and thus they think casualties could be more worse. 

8) The whole act was manipulated by agencies of US, India and Afghanistan.


Here We Discuss a Conclusion: 

1) Why is PM on a silent mode? In all his previous speeches he has always been against army role in such civilian or tribal areas, why is the story repeated in his regime?

2) It should have been Govt and not ISPR dealing with the situation. 

3) The whole scenario is made worse by the one sided and wrong media broadcasting, why shouldn’t media be impartial? 

4) Why aren’t PTM leaders allowed to do a press conference and come on media? 

5) When there is law operating in the country why isn’t this situation dealt within the legal proceedings of Judiciary? 

6) When the concerns of PTM are true and genuine, why aren’t they properly addressed? 

7) When matters are being discussed by senate Committee, why ISPR holds a blundered press conference saying that ‘Time is up for PTM ‘. 

8) Why aren’t their proper investigations to prove that PTM leaders have a link to foreign agencies or not when they are not demanding any independence or anything outside legal frame work of constitution. 

9) Why doesn’t PTM change it’s slogans. Uniform is grace of army like culture is our grace so abusive slogans must be avoided and there must be complete emphasis on peaceful problem focused dialogues. 

10) Why doesn’t establishment accept that it has failed to restore infrastructure in tribal areas after tribesmen cooperated so positively in the operation?

11) Why doesn’t establishment play a responsible role in case of missing persons? 

12) And besides all these why shouldn’t we sacrifice our egos. Every effort should be humanitarian and in the favor of Pakistan and the whole regime.

A Complete Analysis by Dr. Hafiz Sultan

If you have any question related to this, comment your views below, Do share it with your love ones, if you find it valuable, Thank You.

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