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What You are About to Hear can be Scary and Frightening [David ICKE]

By 2030, the connections will be starting to be made between AI and the human brain.
David ICKE

We have been through a process of preparation of getting people, first of all, stage 1, addicted to technology that they hold. Holdables, Smartphone, Tablets.

I mean, that’s basically achieved you just need to walk through a city and you see them.

The Addiction and they are targeting, specifically, the young. Why? Because the young of today,

And the children of today are going to be adults when you want to bring This AI connection in full blown.

For that to happen, they have to get the people addicted to technology to the point where they will accept it and where it’s the most natural thing in the world.

And it is happening in front of our eyes. The 1st stage is to get people addicted to technology to the point where at the most extreme,

They will get up in the dead of night they will queue, stand in line outside an apple store to get the first of the new technology and what they want eventually, and not too distant into the future,

Are people lining up to be connected to AI? In the same way that people in Sweden now are having parties to celebrate someone being microchip. Right ?

All this connects so the next stage because the idea is to get in the body the next stage is to get on the body.

So we went from just holdables, we went to wearable we went to Bluetooth and Google glass, Apple watches and all these other gadgets that get on the body now.

Even what they call electronic tattoos that are basically microchips on the skin that are basically microchips on the skin and the next stage is to go in the body which is already starting in places like Sweden and people like Ray kursweil .

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Who is a Google executive, I mean Google and Facebook are really at the cutting edge of this stuff.

People think it is just social media operating or a search engine, No, No, No. This whole Google group now, which has given the name Alphabet are absolutely at the cutting edge of this whole al technology.

So is Amazon, Amazon got contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars with the CIA, and the pentagon for cloud services.

Yes, they have massive data services, to the consumers they don’t say it, So the idea is to take this on and what kursweil is saying;

He claims an 80% success rate in his predictions of incoming technology and when it will come in; But you know, if you know when it is going to come in than, you have a great chance of predicting it you know,

It is like, if you know when a stock market is going to fall Because the people you are connected to are going to make it fall well you are going to get out just before it falls and you are going to get it just before they push it up you don’t have to be nostra-bloody-damus if you know that script.

This is the sales script and this is why they are telling you the sales pitch is; when you connected to AI. We will be super human. That’s what the sales pitch is that is sales pitch.

Siri, Alexa, all these things, Yeah! What you got is the idea that…. Connect to AI and you will become super-human-intelligent.

No, You will become sub-human-intelligent, You will become a vehicle for Artificial intelligence and whoever controls AI, Will control the perceptions of ever mind that is connected to.

If you are going to make a physical connection with AI, You are not going to do that on a mass scale.

Until you have made a psychological connection. And there is a process, A psychological process which is known as preemptive programming.

Preemptive programming is this: you are going to… Usher in a world that is so different, so dramatically different to what anyone had been used to, that you are going to have an obvious resistance.

Purely by the chasm of difference between the world people are used too and the world you are taking them into.

A resistance which is saying, wait a minute you want to do what? What? What?

So you prepare them for it through preemptive programming you put out a stream of movies, Out of elite controlled Hollywood.

You put out TV programs, You put out books, You put all these things that basically portray the world you want to take people into.

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That is why you have seen so many movies about; Controlled by robots, controlled by technology of, Synthetic humans you have the dystopian society that is being portrayed, Portrayed, Portrayed.

And what that is doing it is making the subconscious so an extent the conscious mind familiar with the world you want to usher in.

So when you literally start to bring it in, there is not that chasm that world have been before.

There is almost familiarity with it because you have prepared people by portraying it over and over again in movies.

Another part of this psychological connection with AI, So we will accept the outcome that I have talked about is these Alexas, and these echos, and these so called office assistants or personal assistants.

You start to interact, with them. As if they are human. And now they are bringing internet connection toys for kids even little kids and Barbie dolls that they can actually have conversation with, AI.

They now bringing in these robots, these synthetic robots that are looking more and more like humans.

A lot of them coming in from the east, and this is a whole psychological process of familiarizing us with AI to getting people to interact with it, Until it becomes the most natural thing in the world.

By 2030, the connection will be start to be made between AI and the human brain, and humand brain will be connected to what he calls the cloud another name for this is the smart grid.

Basically to AI, as time passes, AI will more and more of human thinking, of human perception Until basically it is the totality of human thinking, of human perception.

At which point we won’t be human anymore in terms of the consciousness as we are using today we will be AI, and this is the assimilation I am taking about.

If you are connected, The human mind to a grid, a global technology grid, That grid can be essentially controlled it will take at the center point very, ver few people to run it, and even fewer to decide how it runned.

I say this to kids, and anybody else. How long could you live without your Smartphone what is an alcoholic?

What? An alcoholic is someone addicted to alcohol, Yeah. Why is he addicted to alcohol? Because he can’t stop drinking it.

But you can’t put your Phone down, and if you do, within a few minutes you pick it up again because you are addicted to it.

So are you controlling that bit of technology in your hand? Or is that controlling you? That is controlling you!

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Do you want your life controlled by a bit of technology?

Do you want the rest of your life controlled by it? Or are you now going to go: I am putting it down if technology is going to be the servant rather than the governor.

It has to serve the interest of humanity and humanity does not have to serve it. We are in a situation now where humanity is serving humanity it will be serving AI; increasingly it is serving AI in its algorithmic expression.

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