Things You Must Know About the Latest Black Hole Images #BlackHole

The universe that we live in is interesting place. Since the human beings have tried to explore the surroundings to try and understand them. Over the last few centuries, we have turned our eyes to the stars.

But, we thought that everything that revolved around the Earth and it was flat, but it was later on discovered that was not the case and since then, scientists have discovered new about the vast universe around us.

NSF Press Conference on First Result From the Event Horizon Telescope Project.

A global network of telescope has been working to capture the first ever image of a black hole. On April 10 at 9 a.m. EDT, the National Science Foundation held a press conference to announce that an image of a black hole had been successfully captured.

Over the past few decades, there have been numerous discoveries about the universe and following the trend, just a few days ago, the scientists have successfully captured the first ever image of a black hole.

The news was on trending every where in the world, while it was the first ever time that scientists have been successfully captured the image of a black hole.

And, Guess What? President of Pakistan Tweet About It.

Let’s Find out Some of the Amazing Things That You Might Now Have Known About This Great Achievement:

Black Hole is 6.5 Billion Times As Bigger As the Sun:

Most of our readers have already seen the images on different social media platforms, but some of you might not be aware that it is a zoomed in picture and here you can see it zoomed out.

Black Hole Picture Zoomed In and Zoomed Out

The Amount of Data That Was Used To Capture the Image:

The picture you can find below listed is of Margaret Hamilton standing next to the code that she wrote by her hands. Which was used to send the man to the moon.

Margaret Hamilton Hand Made Codes

The Second image down below is of Katie Bouman, The person who developed the algorithm, which was used to capture the image standing next to hard drives, which contains data that used to capture it – 5 petabytes (5 Million GBs).

Katie Bouman (Developed Algorithm)

The Earth Was Turned into a Telescope:

Whenever it comes to humanity, it always creates something very magical and the same could be said as the Whole Earth was turned into a giant telescope with telescopes all around the world banding together to take that picture of the black hole.

Earth Turned Into a TeleScope

This Massive Black Hole is 6.5 Million Times Massive as the Sun, Further Dr. Katie Mach Could Explain That Better, Check Out Here Tweet Below:

Einstein and Hawking Were Proven Right:

Einstein and Hawking Meme

The Einstein have had started the Theory of General Relativity around century ago and the Picture confirms it today,

You can also read more about that HERE.

Meet the People Behind it:

Dr. Bouman, Who was on the team and developed the algorithm, which would not become possible without the help of Feryal Ozel an astronomy and astrophysics Professor at the University of Arizona;

She was on the Science Council, who wrote a paper on how to go about taking a picture of a black hole.

If you are interesting further, You can read the rest here by their team, CLICK HERE.

We Traveled Back in Time:

Yes, You have read that correctly, the black hole which is millions of light years away and the picture you see in-front of you is not the black hole from a few days ago but from millions of years ago.

Do you want to see what Earth was up to when this picture was taken? Let’s Find out in a Tweet by Zack Throckmorton.

Event Horizon Telescope Animated Movie

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