If Your Friends Don’t Talk About Business, Wealth and New Opportunities : CHANGE THEM

  • Science has Confirmed That People Absorb Energy From Others.

  • Friends Can Really Impact and Improve our Lives.

  • Bill Gates and Warren Buffets are Friend for Over Decades and Gates Gives a lot of His Success Credit To Buffett.

Most of you might not know about the latest research and findings from Science, Which says that people absorb energy from others.

Indeed, Friends can improve our lives, One should be very keep to chose their friends, with whom they talk and sit, it can impact your life very well.

It’s a great sayings that says, “Show Me Your 10 Friends, I Will Show Your Future”.

Bad friends or friends with no value to their life could damage your life but good friends those with value addition to their life, can reshape and even change your life.

Even Bill Gates one of the billionaire and founder of Microsoft, who talks in his personal blog about personal relationship and it’s importance.

Bill Gates talk in his blog post about how Warren Buffett has helped him define success by the strength of one’s personal relationships.

Gates and Buffett both are good friends and spend years as friends, and Gates gives a lot of his success credit to Warren Buffet’s friendship.

There is interesting studies that shows, You are the average of five people that you spend most of your time with.

Around 70 percent of millionaires today are self made millionaires, what I mean by that is they didn’t inherit their money from their forefathers.

Instead, they worked to get to this place and have hard earned their fortune.

It takes courage to make money, the courage of risk, the courage of entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a simple example here:

If one of your friend talks often about cars, you would be more likely to like cars and would even replace your old with new one.


If your friend talks about real estate that most of the millionaires today are because of Real Estate, and They talk about the opportunities of real estate, you would probably start real estate buy and sell business.

Everyone Wants to Live Happy Life, And The More Money You Got The Happier Your Life Would Be.

They reason behind sitting with those friends that talks about business, money and ideas that could impact not only your life but million or billions people.

It would change your mindset and it really impacts one life.

Friends; Specially, who talks about business, money, ideas and new opportunities are more likely to reshape your current life and make you feel better and positive than those who put you down.

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