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Google AdSense Update | Reality Google AdSense Western Union Banned in Pakistan 2019?

  • You Might Have Faced a Issue with Google AdSense Western Union Payment Right?

  • Don’t Worry, It May be a Bug or Things That You Don’t Understand About Getting Large Payment from AdSense.

  • You Will Need to Add Bank Account, If Your Earnings Crosses $4000 in Revenue.

Most of the readers have already listened the news and most of you are probably worried about, but you don’t actually need to worry, it looks like a bug from Google AdSense.

While there is no official news by Google AdSense nor Western Union.

The issue, I faced too, but it was due to large amount above $4000, where I got an Email from Google AdSense and Red Notification on my Google AdSense Account.

When, I added bank account details, It got solved.

The Email Looks Like This:

Update Your Information to Get Paid on Google AdSense

This is not the mail, I received few days back, but it was the mail, I got in 2018, when I crossed my finalized earnings above $4000, I was unable to receive my payments from Western Union.

So, I therefore added bank account and everything was perfectly fine than.

The Red Notification Could Look Like Below:

If your finalized earnings are below $4000 and yet you see the Error notification on your Google AdSense account, Don’t worry, simply contact Google Team.

And Please Don’t Listen to Miserable Things Said By People on Facebook or YouTube. It May Ruin Your Day By Simply Listening Them.

What Do I Suggest Bank Account or Western Union? MY PERSONAL 3 YEARS EXPERIENCE

Western Union: When your finalized revenue on Google AdSense reaches to $100 than you are Paid on 21 to 26 of every month, for WU users. They personally visit the Western Union and than collect their payment.

Yeah, you need to have your copy of National Identity Card (NIC) and Payment Slip, Which you will receive every month from AdSense account.


Bank Account: Once, I simply added my bank account credentials, I no longer need to worry about my payment, it will be credited into my account from 21 to 26 of every month.

I have also written a post about “Which Bank is Best to Receive Your Google AdSense Payments in Pakistan 2019“.

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