ReplyASAP – Beneficial Application for Parents in 2019

There are so many parents in this world who gets worried and tensed for the children. The reason behind all of this is that the children don’t respond to their parent’s messages and calls while they were outside.

If you are a parent and facing some issues then you don’t need to worry about anything. Because a Father Created a useful play store app ReplyASAP to locate their children.

There are different things available in this app which can make you happy. There is basically an option which can freeze your children mobile totally freeze until they respond you back. 

For example, you call your children on his number, for instance, if he was playing the game on mobile and don’t reply to you. His mobile will stop working until he picks your call.

If he was sleeping and put his mobile on silent, You can set an alarm which will ring on silent mode.

If you message your children and knowingly he doesn’t reply you. They can’t use another application until they reply to you.

According to the Developer,

From a safety perspective, if I send him a message it will tell me where he is at the time when the message arrives on his phone.

Video About the Application

There are some negative facts about this application that can danger your relation with children. But, still, it is useful to know about your children where they are and what they are doing. There are more than 100,000 people getting benefits from this application.



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