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Windows 10 – How to Disable IPv6 On Network Adapter (2019)

The Version 6 of Internet Protocol (IPv6) is a New Brand Classic Protocols for the Internet. The IPv6 was designed to solve many issues of the Present version of the Internet Protocol Suite. If you are going to Disable IPv6 then let’s begin. 

How to Disable IPv6 on Network Adapter in Windows 10

Step Number 1, You will Need to Open “Network And Sharing Center” By Right Hitting on the Wifi Icon on your Operating System (Windows 10) Desktop.

Step Number 2, There will be Two Option. You will need to Select the “Open Network And Sharing Center” Option.

Open Network And Sharing Center

Step Number 3, If you are in “Network And Sharing Center” Window. In the Control Panel Home you May See Two Option, You will Need to Select “Change Adapter Settings”.

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Control Panel Home

Step Number 4, If you are in “Change Adapter Settings” Page. You will need to Right Hit on the Network Adapter you are Consider to change. After that Click on “Properties” Button. 


Step Number 5, If you are in Properties Page Then you will need to Uncheck the “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TGP/IPv6)” Box After that Hit the “OK” Button.

Internet Protocol Version 6

Now you are Completely Done…

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