Scientists Finally Build Artificial Brain Cells

Finally, Scientists have decoded the bizarre behaviors of brain cells recently and re-build them in tiny computer chips.

According to a University of Bath press release, the tiny computer chips might change the way we create medical devices.

Because they depict healthy biological activity but need only a billionth of the energy needed by microprocessors.

According to new research published on Tuesday in Nature communication, This tiny computer chip will behave the same as electrical circuits within the body, But their behavior is less certain.

Specifically, When it comes to parsing the relationship between their input and output electrical impulses.

But these brand new artificial brain cells successfully mimic the behavior of rat neurons from 2 specific regions of the brain.

“Until now neurons have been like black boxes, but we have managed to open the black box and peer inside,”

At the launch of a tiny computer chip, the University of Bath physicist Alain Nogaret said: “Our work is paradigm-changing because it provides a robust method to reproduce the electrical properties of real neurons in minute detail.”

The eventual goal is to use this tiny computer chip to build medical devices that can better cater to patients’ needs like a smarter pacemaker that can respond to new stressors and demands on a person’s heart. Actually, upgrading devices to be more in tune with the body.

A physiologist at the Universities of Auckland and Bristol Mr. Julian Paton said in the release; “Recreating biological activity was exciting because it opens up enormous opportunities for smarter medical devices that drive towards personalized medicine approaches to a range of diseases and disabilities.”

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