Donald Trump: Face Pop up if you Search ‘idiot’ on Google

Well reading the heading might makes you laugh or sounds like funny and you have to feel funny because whenever a person typing idiot it is showing the result of Donald trump in the google image search.

Donald Trump Face Pop up if you Search idiot on Google

Well you can see most of the results are showing the image of Donald trump and because of that the Government officials calls the CEO to explain this matter as it was also happen in the past as well.

On the reply to the officials CEO has explained the following procedure of showing result.

  1. The user who type the keyword also known as search term on the google search bar.
  2. Google Crawler or you can also say an AI software it searches all the data in to the google data base that relates to the specific keyword.
  3. The result will show the most relatedly result of that keyword in our case “idiot”.
  4. He also mentioned about more than 200 factors of search engine optimization to show the most relevant result to the user.

You can also check the video of CEO Sundar Pichai:


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