Google+: Google to Shutdown (Google Plus in 2019)

Google+ is no doubt used by almost each and every person having account on Gmail. It has been a social type network like Facebook and twitter that connects the Gmail users of different field of professionals to one place. It is also used by different bloggers or blogspot users for sharing the fruitful content as well but the news is also surrounding about it is completely shutting down in the upcoming year.

Well the Step is Taking is Due to the Several Reasons:

  1. There are more than 90% of the users who stay in google+ for not more than 5 seconds and the interest has been so less since its occurrence.
  2. The second reason of shutting it down is because of the third party influence on 52.5 million user’s data.

Although Google has verified that there is no evidence that the data was accessed or misused and that there is not full Proof of including sensitive information like password and financial data of users.

First the decision was taken for later in the end of 2019 but after the second bug found by the developers it is now considered to shut down immediately.

Google also assure about the sensitive data that it is not misused or accessed by the third party because of the high security filters applied by the google team.

There are some sort of security reasons google has made for the users which we assume is not getting by them from google+ for the users so they are planning to shut it down completely.

If you are wondering about your personal and financial data so don’t worry yet as they already cleared about the sensitive data protection.

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