Sheikh Wajeeha Zamir – First Female Event Planner from KPK

Wajeeha Zamir, Lecturer of Management Science Deparment at Abasyn University, An Educationist, Social Entrepreneur and Social Media Activist from Peshawar, Who aims to bring educational reforms for “Parha Likha Pakistan.

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Sheikh Wajeeha Zamir, a self made entrepreneur from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to become the very first female wedding planner. Not just that, but also she is an amazing social activist, a trainer, a teacher and she also holds an MBA to name a few of her achievements.

Wajeeha Zamir

Lets take a look at the early life of a Wajeeha, she grew up in a society that wasn’t in a favor of Girls enrolling in social activities.

Few of Wajeeha interests were in Sketching, Drawing and Arts, and she was passionate to become a wedding planner.

“When there was a wedding in our family, they used to call me to help them plan,” says Wajeeha. “It was my passion but I couldn’t tell anyone because it was a weird feeling that I wanted to be a wedding planner.”

Sheikh Wajeeha Zamir

When asked about what message she would like to give to her fellow Pakistanis and women like her, she said,

Women are the real architects of society. If they are ambitious and daring, there is nothing that can stop them from getting what they want.

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