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Facebook Wants To Track Your Location All The Time

Recently, Google and Apple launch its brand new operating system Android 10 and iOS 13,

The social network company (Facebook) is warning users about brand new location controls being rolled out to Android and iOS Smartphone because “Facebook works better when it tracking you”.

Social media giant explained in a blog post that Facebook’s features work better when it can “Use the precise location,

Even when you are not using the app to make sure that alerts and tools are accurate and personalized for you”.

Android 10

This brand new update, Android 10 will allow the users to choose which application can access the Mobile’s exact location.

The best thing is that you will be able to allow or deny the exact location when an application is running in the background of your Smartphone.

iOS 13

iOS users have already had this feature for a while, but with this brand new iOS 13 update, Apple users will be able to select the “Allow once” option regarding location tracking.

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Facebook is warning its users if they choose to protect his/her privacy, it could have an adverse impact on the application ability to target advertisements and monetize user data.

And many more features of Facebook will be stopping functioning properly such as Find WiFi and Nearby Friends.

Furthermore, Facebook explains that if your Smartphone location setting is set to “All the time” And the Facebook location is turned off in Setting,

It will not track your location data when you are not using Facebook. If you turned off the location of Facebook in setting,

Facebook will be a warning notification to Android and iOS users to check his/her location settings.

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