Why Signal App is Better Than Whatsapp in Terms of Security and Privacy

WhatsApp is using Signal’s encryption technology that will let its parent company FACEBOOK to collect their users data that includes your profile, your number, your all important credentials.

As soon as the Whatsapp announced its terms of services, The founder of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk has recommended his followers to download Signal and use it.

“Neither we can read your messages or listen to your calls, nor anyone else. Privacy is not an optional mode, it is how Signal works. In all your messages, all your calls, forever,” Signal explains on its official page.

Telegram surpassed 500 million active users.

In the past 72 hours alone, more than 25 million 😳 new users from around the world joined Telegram.

Don’t Open This Video on WhatsApp

Rafay Baloch cyber security experts said in a statement about the recent cyber security alert, “It is highly unfortunate to witness hoax message being circulated as “Cyber Security Alert” from an official twitter account of government owned entity i.e. #NITB. This alert is a hoax which is being circulating since July 2020 and evidently no such video under that name exist which could compromise your phone.”

There has been an on-going discussion about why Signal app is better than Whatsapp in terms of security and privacy with many arguing about differences after Whatsapp migrated to signal Protocol for delivery of end to end encryption communication:

5 reasons why Signal is more secure than Whatsapp?

  1. Signal’s is open-source and entire source code for Android, iOS and Desktop application is available for examination for any potential backdoors.
  2. Signal is owned by a Non-Profit organization and not any tech-giant that has stakes in monetizing the data and has an appalling history and poor track record in terms of security and privacy.
  3. Signal as opposed to Whatsapp stores minimal meta data in fact, the only thing it stores is the Phone number, Time of account creation and last connection to signal servers, where-as Whatsapp stores wealth of information such as IP address, model, battery consumption, app usage etc. This means Whatsapp when hit with information disclosure request by Law enforcement will be compelled to give complete information.
  4. Most of security features such as Private chats, auto-deletion of old messages, disappearing messages etc come to signal first and then are replicated by other platforms including Whatsapp.
  5. Signal has been using Domain Fronting on/off along with other methods for obscuring the traffic for circumventing censorship.

Don’t forget to read in depth research of Rafay Baloch regarding Signal VS Telegram Comparison of Security and Privacy.

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