Remarks about “BIP” Application from a Security & Privacy Standpoint

Just a day back, we have posted a research of Rafay Baloch regarding Why Signal App is Better Than WhatsApp in Terms of Security and Privacy. So, A lot of users have asked him to give his remarks about BIP app security and privacy standpoint.

BiP like other messaging applications are trying to take capitalize of the recent outcry related to Whatsapp’s new privacy settings to maximize induction of new users.

Here are 5 reasons why BiP does not fit within category of Privacy/Security apps:

Here are 5 reasons why BiP does not fit within category of Privacy/Security apps:

1. BiP does not use end to end encryption mechanism and therefore technically enabling BiP to decrypt private communications or to an adversary if the server is compromised.

2. BiP collects wide range of personal data including “identity and contact details, unsafe information, personalization information and polls, location data, device data, backup data and address book data” which is more or less identical to the data collected by Whatsapp.

3. BiP’s privacy policy states that it will retain personal data for 2 Years even after deletion of the account. Both Telegram and Whatsapp claim to delete user data immediately after the deletion of accounts.

4. All personal data is processed and stored in BIP servers located in Turkey. This technically makes it relatively easy for the authorities to shutdown the service if ever required.

5. BiP is closed source and has not made any information public about its technical design, encryption protocols, key management practices etc.

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