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Smart WhatsApp Inboxer Features  

There are some Features of the Smart WhatsApp Inboxer below:

  • Multi-instance, You can send multiple WhatsApp accounts.
  • Send Text and image with caption.
  • Import from Excel (CSV) and Txt Files.
  • Save and open Saved Campaign.
  • Full log for sending process.
  • Control delay between messages.
  • Delete message from WhatsApp chat list after sending to keep chat list clean.
  • Sending unlimited messages.
  • Send multi multimedia message (photos, Videos, Documents).
  • Whatsapp numbers generator.
  • Whatsapp number filters (Support Multi Accounts).
  • Whatsapp Groups contacts Grabber (Get WhatsApp contacts from groups).
  • Anti-block Module.
  • Multi Text message reduces the chance of blocking.
  • Advanced Internal Dialogs (reduce the chance of blocking).
  • Sleep control After X amounts of messages.
  • Connection speed control.
  • The delay between message.
  • Sending customized message.

Video of the Smart Whats App Inboxer


Packages of Smart Whats App Inboxer 

1. Unlimited 1 PC for 6 months = $10 only.
2. Unlimited 1 PC for 1 year = $15 only.
3. Unlimited 1 PC for Life Time = $25 only.

Contact for More Details

Phone no: +966598116009

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