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Security Biz Tricked Social Media Phishers

A UK-based cybersecurity vendor has detailed how it turned the tables on an angler phishing operation posing as Virgin Media support on Twitter.

Angle phishing is a kind of attack that you are unaware about at the moment. Basically, there are some posts on social media that contain harmless content. 

According to Experian

Angler phishing is the practice of masquerading as a customer service account on social media, hoping to reach a disgruntled consumer.

In a brief description, we can define it as a person posted something on twitter or facebook about anything that relates to a bank service with its name.

What attackers do is the setup they set from a long period of time that alerts them whenever a post or talk about the thing they set on social media.

Now what they do is they create a fake account, with all the credentials, requires for the account to look professional or better.

After creating an account, they message the same person and convince them for opening a link they send for any betterment of their case, and on the other hand when a person clicks on that link. 

It will insert malware in the computer, which in future makes takes your data for looting money online.

The same sort of experienced faced by a team member of Pen-testing firm Fidus Information security when they complained to virgin media via Twitter.

But In this case, the user made fun of the attacker by providing him the wrong details, which really confused and became frustrated for the hacker.

The scammer continuously asked for the card details that were linked to the virgin media account, to which Fidus replied with a set of test credit card details.

According to info security,

The vendor explained that,After sending a fake SMS message we received a click on our web server. At this point the game was up as the IP linked back to our website and we never received a reply back,” the vendor explained.

We reported this all back to Twitter, who’ve since suspended the account, and Police in the UK in the hope some action can be taken against those responsible.

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