Status Khori of Man: It Also Needs to be Highlighted in Pakistan

In the Last 2 days, I have been watching and reading a lot of media personalities posts regarding Dowry (Jahayz Khori). It is one of the shameful act at most of the Pakistani Muslims Family.

Moreover, there is nothing in Islam that supports this unusual self-maid thing. The campaign started by the media personalities are totally supported and are appreciable.

Campaign Pictures against Dowry 


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The only thing to remember this wedding season #StopJahezkhori #UNWomenPakistan

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There are many cases in the society where females are still in their home because they could not afford to arrange or manage to prepare dowry. 

But at the same time, there are also families who don’t take dowry and accept the female as her own daughter. There is a positive and negative side in this society.

But there is also something most of you had to start the campaign against too which the male side family also faces and that is what I am explaining below.

Status Khori of Man

If you belong to a family where you had an elder brother and he is married you probably gonna feel the same just like most of the family feels in Pakistan.

The campaign is started against dowry which is true i am not against it but this is also the main thing that needs to be highlighted by not only famous personalities but also the common one too.

People use to say that Weddings are becoming so hard these days just because of Jahayz but they don’t highlight the other side of the story which is the status of a Man.

In most of the cases, families want her daughter to go to a well-established family where her daughter can live easily. There are different cases happened where families from girls side demand the separate house, good job, and almost everything.

If any female family visits for Rishta they need a luxury or well-maintained bungalows. They need a guy with the salary of Lacs. They need a man with full qualities either her daughter may have good behavior with the family or not.

There are several cases of divorce happened just because of these reasons and most of the females who are with full good qualities are still at home just because of the family requirements from another side.


The summary of the story is that both of the things are not acceptable and needs to be stopped. The campaign against dowry is what said by the prophet (P.B.U.H) is not a good thing and people were sleep from a long period of time.

But, it is also a good time for raising voice against it and i hope that status khori of a man also needs to be stopped.

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