3000 People in Sweden Embedded Microchips under their Skins to replace ID Cards

There are more than 3000 peoples in Sweden who had implanted a microchip in their bodies. The reason behind it is carrying lots of key cards, IDs, and even train tickets.

The size of this microchip is as small as the grain of rice. But, the most shocking story for us is that the first use of this technology was back in 2015.

This technology is already helping the Swedes in their daily life necessities. I am mentioning one of the Videos below for you; it will give you a brief idea about this technology.

In the video above, you could see the scenario easily. There are different passengers in the train who are authorizing their tickets by providing the QR code in different papers, or in mobile.

The microchip reduces all of this system and made it easy for you to verify your ticket by showing your hands.

The discussion has also come in front of the people that this does not make a big difference in the life of peoples but in reality, it will take time just like everything in this world take some time to grow and be productive for everyone.

The procedure of embedding the microchips in the body is similar of a piercing. This involves some sort of syringe which injects the chip into the person’s hand.

Bionyfiken founder Hannes Sjöblad said in the Tech Insider that,

“The human body is the next big platform. The connected body is already a phenomenon. And this implant is just a part of it.”

“We are updating our bodies with technology on a large scale already with wearables. But all of the wearable’s we wear today will be implantable in five to 10 years.”

“Who wants to carry a clumsy Smartphone or Smart watch when you can have it in your fingernail? I think that is the direction where it is heading.”

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