WhatsApp is Shutting down 2M accounts for Spreading Fake News

Whatsapp is a popular messaging service in the world, which is owned by Facebook. The messaging service provider Whatsapp has announced on 6th February about stopping fake and abusive accounts.

The decision was discussed in a press conference held in New Delhi.

Following the upcoming elections in India, WhatsApp is planning to implement measures for avoiding controversy. India has some good amount of users using this service.

The WhatsApp Company is also applying the machine learning technique for tracing the fake and abusive accounts and then removes them accordingly. The company is approximately removing up to 2M accounts per month.

According to the officials of Whats app,

“As with any communications platform, sometimes people attempt to exploit our service. Some may want to distribute click-bait links designed to capture personal information, while others want to promote an idea. Regardless of the intent, automated and bulk messaging violates our terms of service, and one of our priorities is to prevent and stop this kind of abuse”

The company is almost holding more than 1 billion users all around the world. Sometimes the popularity of anything also becomes the major flaw for it.

There are several incidents occurred on Whatsapp in which the user lost its control over the mobile activities. Some of the other cases that affected the mobile were the links which the new users click-on and later got their mobile totally dead.

There is also a political incident occur in Brazil, where software was used to grab citizen’s phone number from facebook and then sent messages on Whatsapp to sway their views.

There would be most of the users reading this article gets a gut feeling about their own account ban. So, there is nothing to worry about as there are some rules you have to follow in order to secure your Whatsapp appearance.

Moreover, it is also in news that the company is also starting a campaign to ask users to “Spread joy, not rumors”.

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