Top 10 Professional & Highly Paid Bloggers of Pakistan

With the continuous growth of technology and internet facilities, blogging is now one of the best opportunities to earn money for the person passionate about it. There is no fixed timing like jobs and better opportunities than jobs and other fields. The earning capability depends upon the creative, lucrative and attractive pattern you apply in Blogging.

As the trend of blogging is so much in Pakistan, there is a lot of people who are earning a high amount of money to support his life and family. There is a lot of people who are passionate about it and did a lot of struggle to achieve something for coming to this level.


Top 10 Vloggers of Pakistan

 There is a single thing mentioned about all of them for the readers and that is Hard work, passion, patience. These are the things a person if a person has full control will surely dominate in it and maybe becomes the future professional blogger of Pakistan and may be in the world as well.

If you have less to high passion about blogging or you are a full-time blogger and wants to know about the top bloggers of Pakistan. If so, then you have come to the right place because I am showing the top ten Pakistani bloggers of Pakistan with their background and their continuous efforts made them successful individuals into this place.

Without any delay let’s start it.

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai

Mustafa belongs to a Pathan family and spends his early life in Quetta. Later, he moved to Karachi with his family for better income opportunities and education. Mustafa completed his graduation From NED university and also owns a business.

Success Story:

There was a time when Mustafa faced different problems in studies and worked hard to better understand things quickly. He completed A-levels and later applied to study the US for the Graduation. Unfortunately, his visa was disqualified and the dream of getting an education abroad shattered at that moment. He somehow, applied for NED university and got admission their and successfully completed his graduation.

But due to the visa disqualification, Mustafa was so depressed and started blogging to reduce the stress and diverse his mind from the stress. As the time passed Mustafa realized that there is some passion inside of him that clicking his mind to do blogging. Mustafa started blogging on daily basis and with this passion, he also takes interest in other blogging related templates and started to learn to code for website design and development. Without any professional practice and he learned a lot about web designing and web development.

Then there was a time came when the continuous Hard work, passion and dedication allow Mustafa to start his own company. “STC Network” the only registered Pakistani blogger company he now owns.

One of the famous blogging websites of Mustafa is “” on which he gives tips for the youth of Pakistan to start a blog and earn money. He also conducted a lot of sessions across Pakistan to teach about how to learn through blogs and make some income.

The main thing that really appreciates by Mustafa was his mother efforts.In different posts Mustafa always mentioned about his Mother sacrifices that make him today what he is now, a successful person.

We wish him a good future ahead and prays about his health as well.

Hassam Ahmad Awan

Hassam Ahmad Awan

Hassam Ahmad Awan is living in Islamabad, Pakistan and completed his graduation in Computer Science. It is also found that he is a beautiful person by nature. A caring husband and father to a baby girl.

Success Story:

The passion of becoming a blogger is founded by him in the childhood already. He mentioned on his website about his excitement when he thinks about making a website it really inspired him always.

The first step to dive into the field is when he searches on google about how to create a free website and he gets a lot of interesting information that he really thinks was worthy at that time.

Later Hassam grasps a knowledge about Blogger and Word Press and realized that this is the time of coming to the passion adventure.

Worked a lot for several years and learned many more things as well. He has a famous blog “” due to the immense hard work and passion.

He is also a fitness freak that gives best tips for bodybuilding and also runs a fitness clothing brand named as “INVICTA”. He is also planning to starts an e-learning university for those who want to learn skills and live better with earning.

He is also a full-time vlogger and upload videos on daily basis and has a lot subscriber too.

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is basically from Bajaur agency a tribal area of FATA but living permanently in Karachi now. He is one of the well-known personality when it comes to online skills tutorials.


Success Story:

Abdul Wali in his life did not get a chance to study in school due to his father strictness and interest in Tableegh, Abdul Wali started to learn Islamic studies in a madrasa but due to less interest, he left the madrasa after 7 months.

After some time they moved to Peshawar for earning purpose and Abdul Wali worked a lot with his father on his business but then his father bears a lot of loss in the business and moved to Lahore. Abdul Wali sells a lot of different items on a local street in Lahore for better living and once Abdul waliChacha “His father’s brother” who was running a Biryani stall in Karachi Suggested Abdul Wali father for moving to Karachi for better opportunities. With this mindset, they moved to Karachi and he started to Sell Fruits and vegetables on the streets.

He later started biryani stall just like his chachabaldia town for continuously 7 years and it really worked for him. But there is something in his heart that continuously asked about is this what you came in this world for? At the time of selling biryani and doing a lot of hard work he always realized why he was no in the place other are.

He saved money from his biryani income and approached his friends for money and there was a time he owns a mobile shop and worked hard with some up and downs later he started to learn computer short courses and become an online Ustaad all around the world with a bright future and good amount of income he earned with his online career. One of the famous websites of Abdul Wali is “” which I don’t know is still running by him or he sold out. But this is not the only source of success he uploaded a lot of video tutorials on YouTube, onlineUstaad and also provided paid coursed on Udemy and earned a lot.

Abdul Wali is currently active as a Travel vlogger and has been traveling for a long time on a lot of countries. His travel vlog channel has a lot of subscribers and he is famous for providing cheap traveling information videos on his vlog channel too.

We wish him a successful life and prays for his health.

Muhammad Ismail

Muhammad Ismail

Muhammad Ismail is from Swabi but living in Peshawar now. Ismail has completed education from Institute of management sciences Peshawar.

Success story:

As I mentioned above about the education details, Ismail father died when he was in school and his mother financial status could not bear the expense of his university education, which he realized and started to search for any earning source so that he can support himself along with his family.

He mentioned in an interview about a message came to his mobile for earning, he literally made an account in a net café and provided the email address to the source it was the turning point for him he also said.

He later found about blogging and started blogging at once a time came when he sold his first blogging site on an amount of $2500 which really boost his mind for doing blogging and making it as his profession. Because he already saw a bright career in blogging and worked a lot for it.

Then there was a time came when he got a message from his university about the selection of traveling to the U.S from the US embassy. He was so excited and also motivated about the news and went the U.S to explore new things that make his profession better. He learned a lot from the U.S and also think to provide the same knowledge the people of his nation too.

He also conducted seminars on KPK at the time when people were unaware about online earning, he also mentioned that people use to laugh at him when he tells them about online earning in seminars or other than seminars. He always tried to make them laugh as a courage to stand against the odds and always pursue what he likes to do.

He was also a project coordinator in KPK youth employment program where he selected more than 30 students who want to learn online without zero skills of background, it was the best milestone he thinks he had achieved so far.

He also has a famous website named as “”.

We wish Muhammad Ismail a better future ahead and prays for his health.

Muhammad Tanveer Nandla

Muhammad Tanveer Nandla

Tanveer is living in the famous city of Pakistan known as Multan. He is also known as Dr. Web and is one of the most famous personality from Multan in this industry.

Success Story:

Tanveer had struggle a lot in education due to lack of interest on another subject. In his interview, he mentioned the number of schools he changed in his early life. Tanveer completed matric from a government school. His parents want him to be an engineer so they asked him to take admission in pre-engineering in the college days. He accepted his parent wish and got enrolled in the college for pre-engineering and there was a time when he was so irritated with his inter studies but somehow, he completed the inter and then keep one thing in his mind about IT. Due to his interest in IT, he got admission in BZU luckily. He also mentioned that the first time he learned about HTML and implemented it on his university website it really boosts his interest in Technology and he is now a web developer and a famous blogger too. He always mentioned in the interviews about the young generation thinking of becoming successful. One of the sayings of Tanveer was “Youth these days wants a quick success and uses the methods that no doubt gets you success but it will not last long for the long-term”. He also said that there is a lot of young people with less to no skills and wants to become successful.

There were times when Tanveer used to work 20 hours a day and rented a room for his work in the initial days. This really gives us a clear message that people need to work for success.

He worked in his own various projects and earned a ton of money from that, you can check his famous website “” for better interaction.

We wish him the best of luck for the future and prays for his health.

Muhammad Aamir Iqbal

Muhammad Aamir Iqbal

Aamir is from famous city of Pakistan known as Multan and is one of the best bloggers and online earning expert of Pakistan and also famous in other cities too.

Success Story:

Aamir Iqbal started his career from an outfitting store and worked on 12 hours a day for 4 thousand. He also mentioned that one of his friends acknowledged him about online earning which Aamir thought was a fake line.

But his friend assured him about the earning he is getting from online earning and suggested Aamir start as he was so passionate about technology since his early time. His first task of online working was accomplished by Aamir in maximum 5 minutes and in return got 1600 almost for that a half salary of his outfit store just in 5 minutes. From there he realized that 9 to 5 job is not for me and I am my own boss and I can do earn a lot of money without working for any store or on a job.

Aamir mentioned he first got to work back in the days on an online freelancing site, it is now known as Upwork. He worked for clients as well and later he worked for some of his own websites as well. He has always wanted to start his own outfit store which he later opened in Multan.

He is now earning a lot of money which I think even a CA professional could not earn. With his dedication and hard work, he is now one of the most famous personalities of Pakistan with 100 and 1000 of students. He always mentioned in his live videos and interview that there is no shortcut for earning and young people these days needs a quick result which in other way is not possible and will not work in long term. He also owns two successful websites “SEO TOOL STATION” and “Green HAT WORLD”. He is also running a popular group named as “Pakistani SEO and Bloggers” with the high number of subscribers which daily shares amazing things with each other to grow the knowledge of online earning and blogging.

We wish him for a better future and prays for his health.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Ali Raza lives in Lahore and he is one of the most professional and famous bloggers of Pakistan. He completed BBA from LSE “Lahore School of Economics”.

Success Story:

Ali Raza is a Microsoft and Google Advertising professional. He is experienced in Internet marketing, Social Media and Blogging as well. He always thought that he is a learner and his success depend on keep learning and testing new things.

There are different companies he owns and he also has an agency linked with Google partner as well. He also gives live training and seminars to a different area of Pakistan and also works. He usually calls himself an internet entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers.

He also works as a consultant for different companies as well.  He also worked as R&D & digital marketing Director at Adore, Agha’s International Pvt. Ltd. He is one of the success stories a youth needs to get motivation from.

We wish him a better future ahead and prays for his health.

Marjan Arbab

Marjan Arbab

She is basically from Quetta but living in Karachi now. She completed her graduation from Buitems university Quetta in economics.

Success story:

A female in this era dominating in blogging is the best thing for the nation. There are a lot of females wants to be in the industry but needs a reason and motivation to work even if they are not allowed to do it outside a lot of them can do it from its home. Marjan is one of the finest and famous female bloggers from Pakistan with huge popularity in the audience. She also conducts seminars and is one very professional in writing content.

She is basically an academician by profession but her love for blogging freelancing is undeniable. She working for a long time on blogging and freelancing and has earned a lot. She is truly a motivation and inspiration for the females of Pakistan who wants to work as online on whatever field, they are passionate about. She owns a website “” where she guides and gives tips to the newbies who want to start blogging.We wish her a lot success for future and prays for better health.

Amir Atta

Amir Atta

He is one of the most popular website owners of Pakistan and he is living in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Success Story:

He is a well-known personality and a blogger in Pakistan. The owner of a successful Pakistani telecommunication blog known as “”. He has over 10 years of experience in reporting, journalism and breaking news on tech and telecom.

He is a successful person who started a blog individually and now holds a number of team member running together and providing the best and latest news’s in a proper way. He is a source of inspiration for the journalism a reporting field person who wants to enter into the online industry for earning.

We wish him the best of luck for future successes and prays for better health.

Muhammad Umar Idrisi

Muhammad Umar Idrisi

Muhammad Umar Idrisi is a finest Pakistani blogger of Pakistan.

Success Story:

He is a well-known blogger running some of his famous blogging site including and where he usually uploads a fruitful information for the learners related to digital marketing and making money online. He completed his graduation from Allama Iqbal open university and sources claimed that he is earning a handsome amount of money from blogging.


Ending:Blogging is a passion and hard work through which a person earns a handsome amount of money following with its passion. If you think about anything just work hard and never lose hope all of the above peoples are humans like you, they also face a lot of struggle and hard work. It’s not a piece of cake for anyone you have to work for success instead want success.

The blog post may update in future according to the preferences.

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