Top 10 Vloggers of Pakistan

Top 10 Vloggers of Pakistan: YouTube is an amazing platform that allows anyone to upload videos and create vlogs about almost anything that they are interested in.

You won’t get fame on social media over night these days, it is genuinely very tough to get fame because of so much competition you really need to work harder and smarter. Most important, it requires you to have a patience and quality content. You probably need to make amazing content and wait for months or years to get your channel on that level.

But it is also true that in just a matter of hours your first video might go viral to get million of views in just few hours after you just published it on YouTube. However there are always certain requisites to reach to that mark.

There are tons of proud Pakistanis who rose to fame by the videos they created and uploaded them on YouTube.

Let’s find out 10 Top Best Vloggers of Pakistan (Pakistani Youtubers)

  1. Bekaar Films
  2. Irfan Junejo
  3. Taimoor Salahuddin Aka Mooroo
  4. MangoBaaz
  5. Bilal Khan
  6. Junaid Akram
  7. BrosMeetTheWorld
  8. Momina Munir
  9. Hassam Ahmad Awan
  10. Talal Vlogs

NOTICE: While writing this post on 10 best vloggers of Pakistan, Please keep in mind that it is written on September 2018, and it may change over time, some of the vloggers I given position lower might cross the vloggers that are now in first position.

No#1: Bekaar Films

Bekaar Films jointed YouTube from February 1, 2016 and Currently on 24 Sep 2018, Bekaar Films has over 441,331 Subscribers. Who got the most subscribers in our list of 10 Vloggers of Pakistan. Bekaar Film has Facebook Page with over 1 Million Plus followers.


No#2: Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo is one of the most famous youtuber and most liked person by Pakistani Citizens, who is really polite and good person apart from youtube. Irfan has 384,627 subscribers on YouTube and Junejo has over 147k followers on Facebook and got 2nd position in our list of 10 vloggers of Pakistan.


No#3: Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo

Taimoor has the amazing skills of content creator; he is professional and born in Lahore to a Muslim family. He has 342,893 subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 455k followers on his Facebook Page. He got ranked on 3rd position on our list of 10 vloggers of Pakistan.


No#4: MangoBaaz

MangoBaaz is famous for their viral content that they create, they pick the right content on the right time that makes them different from other vloggers of Pakistan, MangoBaaz has 318,382 subscribers and over 1 Million plus followers on Facebook. MangoBaaz has ranked on 4th position of our list 10 vloggers of Pakistan.


No#5: Bilal Khan

Bilal khan is drama actor and he done a lot of successful dramas of Pakistani Television. He is also a famous vlogger and has 278,238 subscribers and has over 1 Million plus followers on Facebook. Bilal Khan has ranked on 5th on our list of Top 10 Vloggers of Pakistan.


No#6: Junaid Akram

Junaid is an amazing personality with great mindset to bring change in the society. He has over 108,637 subscribers on his YouTube Channel and has over 560k followers on his Facebook page. He has ranked on 6th position on our list of 10 Best Vloggers of Pakistan.


No#7: BrosMeetTheWorld

Two desi bros from Pakistan to set out to explore the world, Bros Meet The World has introduced new idea of good review and in less time they have achieved a lot of success. They have over 58,525 subscribers and over 118k followers on his Facebook Page. He is ranked on 7th position on our list of 10 Best VLoggers Youtubers of Pakistan.


No#8: Momina Munir

Momina is a female vlogger from Pakistan, she has got 46,366 subscribers on her YouTube Channel, and got ranked on 8th position of our list of top vloggers of Pakistan.


No#9: Hassam Ahmad Awam

Hassam is a vlogger with his cute daughter makes amazing vlogs and he has got 35,042 subscribers on his YouTube Channel and has over 2.3k followers on his facebook page. He has ranked 9th position on our list of best bloggers.


No#10: Talal VLogs

Talal is a Pakistani vloggers who has amazing vlogs on his youtube channel. He has got 31,691 subscribers on his YouTube Channel and has over 850 followers on his Facebook Page. He has ranked 10th position on our list of Best Vloggers of Pakistan.


If I have mistakenly missed any vlogger in the list, Please let me know about him/her I will surely write about them as soon as possible. (These List is Updated on September 24, 2018) These lists might be outdated in the future.

Lets us Know Who is Your Favorite VLogger From Pakistan?

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