Uber is Considering Paying Drivers Affected by Coronavirus

Ridesharing company Uber is now thinking about paying its drivers that have been quarantined and diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Yesterday they have said in a statement that their drivers have constantly complained about having to drive lots of strangers every single day with a lack of health insurance and benefits amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The current situation has left a vast majority of drivers and delivery workers extremely anxious about his or her safety and health.

Uber is now considering ways to compensate its drivers amidst the outbreak as a response they have not yet explain how they will do it, the brand statement says:

“Our global team tasked with handling its response to the outbreak is exploring compensation for drivers who have been quarantined or diagnosed with coronavirus, whether independently, through a fund, or in partnership with peer companies.”

The above statement comes due to a letter sent by Virginia’s Senator Mark Warner expressing concern over how uber need to take steps at high-level protecting its workers around the globe amidst the outbreak.

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The disease Coronavirus has spread across 95 countries and has claimed thousands of lives, 14 cases were confirmed in the United States and 5 in Pakistan.

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