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Why Become CEH Certified?

Why Become CEH Certified?

There are number of reasons for obtaining the CEH certification. These include the following:

Provides Proof of Professional Achievement Specialized Certification are the best way to stand out from the crowd. in this age of technology certifications, you will find hundreds of thousands of administrators who have successfully completed Microsoft and Cisco certification tracks. to set yourself aprart from the crowd, you need a bit more. the CEH exam is part of the EC-Council certification track, which includes other security-centric certifications if you wish to attempt those.

Increase Your Marketability The CEH for several years has provided a valuable benchmark of the skills of a pen-tester to potential employers or clients. Once you hold the CEH certification, you will have the credentials to prove your competency. Moreover, certification with you to any position you accept.

Provides Opportunity for Advancement Individuals who prove themselves to be competent and dedicated are the ones who will mos likely be promoted. Becoming certified is a great way to prove your skill level and show your employer that you are committed to improving your skill set. look around you a those who are certified: they are probably the people who recieve good pay raises and promotions.

Fulfills Training Requirements Many companies have set training requirements for their staff-so that they up to date on the latest technologies. Having a certificate program in security provides administrators with another certification path to follow when they have exhausted some of the other industry-standard certifications.

Raises Customer Confidence Many companies, small business, and the government of various countries have long discovered the advantages of being a CEH. Many organizations require that employees and contractors hold the credentials in order to engage in certain work activities.

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