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Forex trading is the largest Global Market of the world. Basically Forex trading is the Trading of currencies. what happens in forex trading that when a country reduces the value of their currency to enhance the number of tourist, Import Export etc then the Traders Do buy the currency of that country and after some time when the value of money is increased they sell the currency.


How it Works?

I am sure that if you have read the article above your know that How traders but the currency know they sell the currency (For profit ) after they have bought the currency they wait for the currency to raise its value then they sell the money of tourist business men etc if they have bought the currency for 1$ for 100 PKR so when dollar will raise its value like $1 will be equal to 105PKR  or 107PKR the sell the dollar to business men , tourist etc


Is it legal?

It is Legal But if you want to start forex trading then the suggestion is to use Bank Or liquefy the money as you are not allowed in any country to travel with such big amount of money…


Will the .5% Raise in the value of currency make me Rich?

The answer is basically, every business has its ups and downs and if you succeed in stabilizing your business You will Have a heavy Pocket….


Fact about Forex trading:

Forex trading is bigger than all stock shares of the world Combined average at $6 billion Business daily




Muhammad Ismail

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