‘YOUTUBE PULSE’ The Biggest Marketers and Advertisers Event in Pakistan

Youtube came to Pakistan with an event known as a pulse. The main aim of this event was for advertisers and content creators.

The interest of organizing such event in Pakistan created a scenario in expert minds about its usage here. Although, we can also assume it as the future planning of some this video giant in Pakistan.

What is Youtube Pulse?

Well, it is an event on which youtube display works of a different content creator who is famous and like by the community.

In the event, they provide awareness among the advertisers and the brands on how they can monetize videos for promoting their products, and how they can take the most out of it.

They also promoted some high achiever content creators of Pakistan by showing their traffic insights to the big brands and also encourage the brands to invest in it.

According to Farhan Qureshi, the regional head of google said that almost 73% of the user of the internet in Pakistan watches videos on youtube daily.

In the past, youtube faced a ban from the Pakistani government side. The main reason for that was the religious content put by some of the users of youtube.

After terminating the ban imposed on youtube by the government of Pakistan, youtube has now become viral and necessary among the Pakistani internet users.

Why Youtube pulse event in Pakistan, and why now?

Well, the answer to this question would be the amount of viewership they received from Pakistan. It might change the mind of Google to head forward toward the long-neglected country.


The video mentioned above is the story of Amna and her two siblings, She started the cooking channel along with her two siblings on youtube some years back, and now holding around 1.7 million subscribers.

They also covered all the story that was related in the making of this big channel with the audience.

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