Great News for Pakistanis Amazon is Officially Entered into Pakistan

Amazon after two weeks of service disruption in Pakistan, Finally Amazon is bringing its cloud computing business to Pakistan to influence the pubic policy that enables digital transformation.

  • Amazon has officially entered into Pakistan with its web services.

That’s a great news for Pakistan Amazon has registered a local office under the name of Amazon Data Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Amazon is forming its team for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Pakistan, to drive the adoption of cloud computing.

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This just took place when just two weeks back the company that experienced disruption worldwide, which largely impacted parts of the US and Pakistan as a whole.

According to the e-commerce policy framework of Pakistan, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication are in the process of formulating Pakistan’s first cloud policy, while the Draft Data Protection Act is at an advanced stage of consultations. The latter draft, which also concerns Amazon, addresses issues concerning data protection in e-commerce. 

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AWS hopes to work with relevant government departments in Pakistan as they develop and revise policies related to the digital economy, including cloud-first policies, data protection regulations, outsourcing guidelines, cybersecurity policies, tax policy, and over the top regulations. They will also proactively build relationships with key policymakers, politicians, and influencers.

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