#SoldInfluencers: Read How Paid Videos by UniCorp are Instantly Circulated via Social Media Influencers to Build a Bogus Narrative

#SoldInfluencers: Read how paid videos by UniCorp are instantly circulated via social media influencers to build a bogus narrative and find the number of sheep’s buying it in the comments.

  • Paid Videos Instantly Circulated Via Social Media to Build Bogus Narrative

Blame the victim at the right time always wins.

Only a fool with zero knowledge of chemistry could compare such an organized chain reaction being triggered at the same time which can never happen with bags of fertilizers with air gaps between them.

You need a nuclear like explosion to do that.

But wait we live in the fools paradise and the main stream media narrative will always win.

Credit: M.Mustafa Ahmedzia []

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