Man Returns His Wife To Her Parents, Says Her Private Part is Too Wide

When I heard this news, I was totally in shock that where are we going? This is recent news which happened with newly married couples in Nigeria.

A newly married man, who returned his wife to her parents over the size of her vagina.

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This man is none other than Osamudiame Lyabose, who claimed that his wife’s vagina is too wide for him and that he can’t keep with it.

This tragic incident took place at Ebelle community in Edo state.

Osamudiame who dropped his wife to her paretns  house in Ubiaja, Nigeria told his in-laws that many people must have slept with his wife Edeki for her too wide vagina.

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Nigeria Couples Shocking News

Later the people in the society also testified to the fact that the wife of Osamudiame who as thrown back to her parents house was a well known for her flirt in the area before she got married to Osamudiame Lyabose, Therefore the claim of her husband could be 100% authentic.

It was also reported later that the parents were very upset with him for publicly shaming their child, and that’s too wrong.

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The society were in shocked when they heard the news because it never had happened; like a man returns his wife over the wideness of her private part, that’s such a shame.

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