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Windows 10 – How to Find The Card Reader in Device Manager

The Operating System ‘Windows 10’ Doesn’t Play Awesome with Card Readers. While Getting One to work can often be Annoying. Consistently the Card is not Formatted Perfectly. Sometimes the Correct Drivers Had Not Installed in your Operating System ‘Windows 10’.

If you are Having Difficulty getting Your Operating System to Detect An SD Card, You efficacy need to check if the Correct Drivers are installed in your Windows.

Card Reader in Device Manager (Windows 10)

First, you will Need to Open Your Device Manager of your Operating System ‘Windows 10’. And Search for a Device Called As “Memory Technology Devices”

If This Function is Not Able in your Operating System ‘Windows 10’. Then Your Windows doesn’t Have A Card Reader. If this Function is available then expand it to view the name of your Card Reader. The name will, of course, Alter based on the hardware.

For Example, If the Card reader is installed on your Operating System ‘Windows 10’. Or you are going to update, Rollback, Uninstall, or Install a driver, This Device is what you need to Adjust.

Card Reader in Device Manager

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If you have Found the Device, You Must Embed your SD card and then you will need to scan your hardware for changes. Your SD Card Must show up.

And your Operating System must install the Correct drivers for it.  If you are going Manually install a driver for the SD card.

You will Need to Right Click the Device and Update driver in your Operating System ‘Windows 10’.If Your Update is done Installing the Perfect driver may not Fix all issues with your card. 

All the Device Manager does is tell you. If you have a Choice to disable and Enable the Card reader as it does for Bluetooth. Though that is Possible if you disabled card reader form your BIOS.

The Hardware fundamental will still show up in Device Manager in your Operating System ‘Windows 10’. Even though if the card Reader is Disabled in your system.

That does the Same with Bluetooth to enable the card reader in your system. A Perfectly Configured and Accordingly detected SD Will show up in your File Manager “File Explorer”.

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