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Facial Recognition – Fun Challenge or Deception [Viral Trend of 2019]

From the past seven days, a new challenge is introuduced on facebook by the name of “10 Years Challenge”. The challenge got so much interest, and after a week more than 5 million people posted their pictures.

Basically, a person posted his picture of 10 years old, and recent pic together. The mode of this challenge takes back to the old ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE where people use to nominate others too for completing the challenge.

The same thing is happening in it, but there is some tech guru who thought it as a identity recognition data collection procedure.

There is some technology guru who thinks that the 10 years challenge is a way to mine data for facial recognition from facebook.

But, Facebook has denied these allegations and in a reply said that it is a meme created by one of the users, not our future strategy.

One of the most luxurious things is not Money or Bitcoin, but your personal Data. If an unknown person knows anything about your daily life then it will scare you for the rest of your life.

Moreover, facial recognition is a process that is capable of tracking or identifying a person by digital image or a video frame.

If we brief this two-line sentence so there are various positive and negative aspects behind this trend that can make a country security good and bad at both times.

Let suppose the AI system is introducing by the United States of America with a purpose to secure its country record. They track people on different social platforms and use their pictures and videos for putting the data continuously on the machine.

According to NYU Professor Amy Webb, this photo challenge is a “perfect storm for machine learning.” 

There are thousands of people you can see on Facebook and other social media platforms who daily upload images or once in a week or month.

This approach will surely help in the AI procedure for better recognition. I am posting a video below for all the readers so they could get an idea about the scariest part of this challenge.

In this video, you can see that people walking by are recognizing through the cameras and their daily updates are uploading in the AI database for better security.

It can easily track the thieves, terrorists, and other negative human beings.

On the other hand, if we take it on the scariest perspective then the same AI can affect a country authority data with hackers. As you all know that there is always a way the hackers find to hack someone data.

In the previous time, popular organizations had already faced data breach issues. So, it is not hard for the hackers to take the AI face recognition data.

On the other hand, there are different famous personalities uploaded the pictures.

There are thousands of other pictures as well that was uploaded by some famous personalities. It is somehow can be understandable that Facebook didn’t start it for their own benefit.

According to the experts, there are tons of users uploads pictures of cartoons, meme on their profile pictures so it can also be difficult for the machine to recognize.

According to O’Neill,

Imagine that you wanted to train a facial recognition algorithm on age-related characteristics and, more specifically, on age progression (e.g., how people are likely to look as they get older). Ideally, you’d want a broad and rigorous dataset with lots of people’s pictures. It would help if you knew they were taken a fixed number of years apart—say, 10 years.

A brief video about Facial Recognition

Summary: The summary of the story tells us that whatever new introduced in the market has some pros and cons too. But for that, we just need to track all the strong possibilities that can help us to secure our identity to an unknown.

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