Price for a Cup of Coffee in the World [Updated]

Coffee is one of the favorite brewed drinks in the world. If we talk about its history, so it was first started in Yemen.

People from all around the world drink it in their office time, breakfast and at midnight. One of the main benefits of this drink is that it boosts your energy so if you are working on any project and wants to stay awake and charged, then you have to try to drink it before starting your work.

Besides that, what if we will tell you about the countries selling a cup of coffee at different rates. So, without any delay lets start the list.

  • Doha: $6.4
  • Zurich: $4.9
  • Shanghai: $4.6
  • Moscow: $4.3
  • Seoul: $4.1
  • Paris: $4.1
  • London: $3.8
  • Tokyo: $3.4
  • Berlin: $3.1
  • New York: $3.1
  • Riyadh: $3
  • Mexico: $2.5
  • Warsaw: $2.5
  • Madrid: $2
  • Rio: $1.7
  • New Delhi: $1.5
  • Istanbul: $1.4
  • Lagos: $0.6

The rates for the cup of coffee vary through out the list. But, what I had experienced throughout my life is that there is no direct connection of rates with the quality and taste.

The highest rate of coffee in the above list is Doha. But, it does not mean that they are providing the best coffee in the world, and the lowest rate of coffee on the list is of Lagos. So, this does not mean that they are providing the worst coffee in the world.

It all depends upon the taste and mode of a particular person. 

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