Most Generous Countries [2018]

There is a different meaning of generous you can find on the internet like someone who gives money, food, show kindness to other peoples when in need.

But being generous with others do not relates to giving money or food. When you’re forgiving and gentle to people, you show the generosity of spirit.

There are different countries mentioned below in the list that are considered as most generous in the world according to the spectator index.

  1. Indonesia.
  2. Australia
  3.  New Zealand.
  4. The U.S.
  5. Ireland.
  6. The UK.
  7. Singapore.
  8. Kenya.
  9. Myanmar.
  10. Bahrain.
  11. The Netherlands.
  12. UAE.
  13. Norway.
  14. Haiti.
  15. Canada.

These countries have been counted as the most generous, and the most amazing thing about this list is that the top of the list is consist of a Muslim country Indonesia. 

It gives the idea to all of us that Muslims are peace promoters. Besides that, the name of Canada at the bottom of the list creates some confusing facts as they are in the last few years did so much positive for the world.

The list ranking might change in the near future according to future perception.

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