Conspiracy Theories Surrounding COVID-19

Massive propaganda scheme has already begun, it was China first who blamed US GOVT for disseminating a bio weapon in order to destroy the Chinese economy and a majority of conspiracy theorists bought this idea coming up with facts to support the theory such as a virus with less than 2 percent kill ratio wiping out 400 billion dollars from Chinese market.


When the tables turned around and US became the country with most positive cases, the same conspiracy theorists started blaming CHINA for creating this virus to obtain advantage in trade war by infecting smaller portion of its population as a part of collateral damage and while disseminating it to public and lying to WHO about the current situation. This resulted in false assurances to countries which eventually led to casual handling of this pandemic including US.

As public pressure in US immensely increased due to rapid rise in cases, to further support the ongoing speculation, US president officially attributed the virus to CHINA. This was deliberately done to deflect people from poor handling of covid-19 by the current regime and sway people’s opinion into blaming CHINA and obtain an edge for upcoming US elections. This is similar to the many false flag cyber operations being attributed to RUSSIA, North Korea and other countries.

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On the flip side, there is a homogeneous blob of conspiracy theorists in Pakistan attribute COVID-19 to joint effort of a secret group for depopulation, formulating cashless society and one world govt.

I might expand on this in another post, however considering their argument of depopulation, long before countries such as US are already in overall decline.

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In a recent report by UNICEF, it is predicted that approx 116 million babies will be born worldwide during the 40-week period between March 11 and December 16, with quarter of these babies being born in South Asia. Given, their theory COVID-19 as depopulation project has miserably failed to achieve their outcome and they should be happy about it.

Credit: Rafay Baloch

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