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Cyber Attack Unpreventable – Businesses Not Prepared

Cyber Attack Unpreventable – Businesses Not Prepared: As the cyber industry continues to evolve, it is really hard for organizations to stay ahead of cyber attacks; it is making threat landscape a major concern for many businesses, according to the 2018 Travelers Risk Index published by The Travelers Indemnity Company.

Evolving the threats and new digital development that is making a cyber top concern for the large technology, banking and professional services providers businesses.

It is not surprising that around 52% of the survey respondents who believed that suffering a cyber-attack is unpreventable; however, those of majority businesses have not taken the right steps to protect their businesses.

More than 1000 companies who have successfully participated in the survey have been found that 55% of their businesses have not even completed the cyber-risk assessment. Around 63% of the respondents who have said that they have not even completed their cyber-risk assessment on the vendors who have all the access to their data.

“Cyber risks carry a serious consequences for any business, threatening everything from revenue to operations, said Tim Francis, enterprise cyber lead at Travelers, said in a press release. “These findings reveal some surprising things about how companies view their cyber exposure, their relative confidence in dealing with them and the clear opportunity that exists for them to be better prepared for a cyber-attack.”

The survey has also successfully found out that an increase in the numbers of businesses that have actually fallen victim to a cyber-attack.

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