Diseases That Killed More People Than Wars

The world has seen two terrifying wars. World War 1 which started in July 18, 1914 – 19 November, 1918. And 37 million people died from World war 1. Than we had the World war 2 which started in September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945. And killing about 60 million people. Those both war have killed many people such that no one will forget these 2 wars. But deceases have killed way more people than any war have seen.

In fact, the number of people died from deceases is way more than people died from wars. Deceases have changed the hole planet. From population to advance medicines and vaccines. If there were no deceases we would not advance our medicines.

But the most people died from deceases were way back in the time. When we had no technology. And no knowledge of viruses, bacteria fungus etc. but they have thought us one thing to be always ready for anything.

We have brought you 6 deceases that killed more people than war.

Small Pox

Small Pox.

Smallpox is one of the deceases that terrify people even today. Smallpox is one of the contagious virus for which there is no cure Known. The last case of smallpox was registered I 1949 in United States.

 What was Small Pox?

Small Pox is a decease caused by virus which have killed over 300 million people only in the 20th century. There are two type of viruses which cause Small Pox Variola virus and variola virus minor. Small pox has killed people from centuries.

How small pox is spread?

Small pox is spread through breathing and face to face contact with the patient of small pox. And it even spreads being near to the patient. Or drinking from the glass or plate of the patient. And the place were they patient was sleeping can also get you infected. It shows its symptoms in 17 days. Small pox is not spread through animals but rather spreads more from the fluids of the patient body. Like the sweat, blood and saliva of the patient.

What does Small Pox to you?

First there are symptoms of the decease. It shows its symptoms in 17 days and the symptom  are headache body ache, High Fever, vomiting, skin rash (the rash starts with flat red and then becomes a raised bump in a few days.). The bumps turn in fluid-filled blisters. The blisters fill with pus.

They crust over usually in the second week of the decease. Scabs form over the area and in sometime they fall off. And in 3 weeks the patient develops permanent scars.

The spreads quite fast in ones body. But it can be cured from the vaccination in 4 to 5 days.
But the vaccines have there own side effects and specially affect the people with weak immune system.

How Many people it killed?

An estimated of 300 million people died from small pox in the 20th century.

Will Small Pox return?

there is very less chance that the deadly decease will come back. Back in the day Dr. Edward Jenner treated this decease with cow box. A decease that cows get on there skin in the form of bumps. He took the blood from the bump of a women and applied via 4 to 5 cuts in the body of a kid. Je was sick in the first and got fever for 1 to 2 weeks and became immune to cowpox. And when he applied the blood of a person with small pox nothing happened to the kid. He stopped Small Pox from another virus Cow Pox.

Black Death

Black Death

As the name describes this horrible decease. Basically, this decease was first seen in china than spread from china to England through the silk road in 1343. This horrible decease and plague are told to be similar but there are no proofs describing that. However, its is still in come places called as the great plague.

Symptoms of the Black Death

The symptoms of the black death are in a way similar to Small pox. The patient would get cuff in the first place followed by headache and body ache. Then the patient when the decease got to its deadly stage would vomit blood. Then the patient would die.

How the black death spread?

Rats were infected by the black death. When the ship which brought the decease with them in 1343. They claimed that the rats were in ship and infected the whole crew. When the ship reached Crimea most of the crew were dead and the other sick. It black death spread in much way from rats to humans. And from humans through the air where in which they would breath.
interesting fact: They claim that the decease was spread through rats. But in that date there is no report of dead rats in that area.

How Many people it killed?

As estimated of 450 million people were killed by small pox.




Cancer is a horrifying decease which have killed millions of peoples loved ones.
there are many types of cancer. But breast cancer, Bladder cancer, brain cancer are one of the many.

Which cancer killed the most people?

Tracheal, bronchus and lung cancer claimed the largest number of lives at 1.7 million.

How its spread?

The deadly decease is spread in many ways. And there are many foods and products claim to spread cancer. It is not spread through air. Nor through face to face contact with the person. But it can spread through the fluids of the patient. Like the patients saliva, sweat, or blood and the other fluids of the patient.

What are the Symptoms

The symptoms of cancer are. Fever, flu, headache, body ache, and there are many others. Believe me there are many other symptoms of cancer.

Types of cancer

There are 100 plus type of cancer. They are named looking to the organ like the breast cancer to type of cells the cancer has infected.

Cancer have killed how many people 

In 2000 6.97 million people died due to cancer. And till 2016 the number have gone up
up to 9 million people or exactly 8.93 million people died.

But we have many types of treatments for cancer. Form surgical treatment to laser treatment.




Malaria is a deadly decease caused by plasmodium. If you know this decease you know how man people are infected by this decease each year. This decrease was back In the times was discovered. When people started dying a scientist noticed that the people who were is contact with mosquitos were more likely to get malaria then the people who were not in contact with mosquitos.

The cause of Malaria

Malaria was the cause of mosquitos sucking the blood of sick people and the same mosquito sucking the blood of healthy people. There is a substance called the plasmodium found in the mouth of mosquitos which was the cause malaria.

How many people died from malaria?

An estimated of 212 million cases alone in 2015 have been reported of malaria. And it has killed 429000 people nearly half a million people. The decease is a slow killer firstly when the decease inters the body and slowly spreads through the body the symptoms of this decease are pale yellowish color, fever, headache, body ache, and these symptoms are the most common systems of malaria.




Ebola is one the deceases also. It was discovered in Africa. And said to spread through bats and monkey. It is a terrible decease. It firstly was discovered. When some people eat bat meat. And the decease is so quick. It can even spread through the blood of the animals came in contact with a brew or cut on the persons body. It shows its symptoms in 15 to 27 days while the symptoms being fever, flu, headache, body ache, tiredness etc. once the decease reaches its deadly state the person starts vomiting blood.

How Ebola is spread?

Firstly, it was spread through bat meat and monkey. And human can also pass this decease quite soon. All the fluids in a human’s body can pass Ebola the sweat, urine, sperms, urine basically; all the fluids can pass Ebola. Further on even if an Ebola patient touch somebody there is a chance that he will get Ebola. Ebola is also spread through air that the patient releases. It means if you get in the where you get close to the Ebola patient it can infect you.

HIV and Aids


HIV and Aids

HIV and aids are the deceases without a cure. Which make these deceases horrible deceases? This decease weakens the immune system get. It gets in the DNA of the host and start multiplying itself. 10,000 people per year in the US only report the decease HIV. In south Africa 400 people die of an aid related illness each day.
world wide there are 39 million deaths reported till 2016.

Symptoms of HIV aids

The symptoms of HIV are body rash, sore throat, severe headaches, swollen limp nodes, muscle pain, joint pain, vomiting, night sweat are the symptoms of HIV.

 What it does

When you are infected with HIV or aids it weakens you immune system. And you get all the weak and strong deceases all together because your immune system do not fight and you get all the common deceases quicker. Which will make the patient very vulnerable to bacteria.

Is there a cure?

There is no cure to HIV or aids but we have vaccines which help the people there day to day life. But when you get HIV it’s likely to stick with you for a long time.

All these six deceases we talked about are very dangerous deceases. And have killed millions of people. but if you decide you can save yourself and your family from these horrifying deceases.

There are some tips that shall make you safe from these deceases


There are some tips that shall make you safe from these deceases

If you search there are if not less thousands of way people claim that will save you from decease. But we will talk only about the basics.

  1. Be Hygienic

Being hygienic is not that hard as we have made it. It just needs a couple of mins more.

  • Wash your hands:
    washing your hands is not that difficult it only takes about a min to wash our hands. Wash your hands before eating. And after using bathroom.
  • Clean your sheets:
    our sheets have millions of microbes living on them we should properly clean our sheets. And change them when it lasts it full life. You don’t need to throw your old sheet you can recycle them. You will be saving agriculture.
  • Kill the bugs and rats in your home.
    if you are living in the woods you should at least kill the bugs and rats every 4 to 5 months. And the best way is to be ready early build a home where its hard for the rats and bus to live and come.
  • Keep the un necessary stuff in your grand ma’s home:
    do you really think you should have everything in the world while its just laying there. Stuff like this can easily become rats and other animals’ home. Keep it some where else where the stuff is safe and organized. This will help you save money too. you don’t need every dish in the world while you don’t even eat in your home.
  • Be ready:
    when going to somewhere where you know there are animals. You should be ready you should always have a first aid box. This will help you save you and even others life too.
  • Take a shower:
    In our day to day life we get many microbes on our body. Which are there for a long and are bad for your health. What you can do is take out 10 minutes after you come home form your office. Take a bath. If you are scared if will affect you sleep. Yeah it will but in a positive way.

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