Elon Musk: The World Believes this Crap and Gets Motivation

#WrongNumber: And the world believes this crap and gets motivation from this crap believing it’s actually him doing all it by himself.

He is the second biggest imposter after Bill Gates, a front-man of UniCorp whose actual execution will start once UniCorp rolls over CBDCs.

Bill Gates job is Vaccination & Digital ID, Elon job is execution of surgical transplants of Chips and Global surveillance network in 2022-2023.

He intentionally makes fun of Covid19 to play the good guy so that whistle blowers who oppose the NWO could be distracted while in fact he is an orange of the same basket that feeds Gates.

Elon Musk

Muhammad Umer said in a comment, “He is far ahead of Bill Gates, with his starlink project we are going to witness the one world order and this what nobody is talking about.”

Credit: M. Mustafa Ahmedzai

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