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F.B.I’s Urgent Request: Reboot Your Router to Stop Russia Linked Malware

Reboot your Router to Stop Russia Linked Malware: A sophisticated malware system which is linked to Russia that has infected over hundreds of thousands internet routers, the F.B.I have an urgent statement to everyone with the device: Turn it off, and then turn it back on.

This malware is capable to block web traffic, which is collecting the information that passes via home and office routers, and disabling the devices entirely, The Bureau Announced on Friday.

The global network of over hundreds of thousands of routers is under the control of Sofacy Group, The Justice Department Said Last Week.

This group which is also known as A.P.T. 28 and Fancy Bear and which they believed to be directed by the Russia’s military intelligence agency, hacked the Democratic National Committee earlier 2016 presidential election, according to American and European Intelligence Agencies.

The F.B.I has a lot of recommendations for any of the user with that device owned. The easiest thing which everyone who owns the device must do is, reboot the device, which will temporary disrupt the malware if it is present.

Users are also advised to upgrade the device firmware and to setup the strong new passwords.

The tech giant CISCO, estimated that at least 500,000 routers in 54 countries had been infected by the malware. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS.

To shutdown the Sofacy network, the Justice Department sought and received permission to seized the web domain, which is mentioned to be a critical part of the malware’s “command-and-control infrastructure.”

Now the domain is officially under the F.B.I control, any attempt by the malware to compromise any router will be bounced back to F.B.I server that can record the I.P address of the affected device.

This court-ordered seizure will assist in the identification of victim devices and disrupts the ability of these hackers to steal personal and other sensitive information and carry out disruptive cyberattacks, Scott W. Brady, United States attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, said in the Justice Department statement.

The malware has a destructive capability that can render an infected device unusable,” it said, which can be triggered on individual victim machines or en masse, and has the potential of cutting off internet access for hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide.

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