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Facebook Faces Broadened Federal Investigations Over Data and Privacy

WASHINGTON — Facebook said on Monday that they are facing more of the federal investigations into its sharing of the user data with the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, many other governmental agencies are inquiring regarding this matter for examining the social network’s statements about the new issues.

The Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation have each broadened their inquiries regarding the Cambridge Analytica from Facebook.

Silicon Valley company said. That In addition, the Securities and the Exchange Commission have started investigations over social network’s public statements about the Cambridge Analytica, Facebook Said.

“We are cooperating with officials in the U.S., U.K. and beyond,” a Facebook spokesman said. “We’ve provided public testimony, answered questions, and pledged to continue our assistance as their work continues.”

The Washington Post earlier reported regarding the expanding of federal investigations and the involvement of the S.E.C. The S.E.C and the F.B.I declined to the comment; the representative of the Justice Department did not return the calls for comment.

The expanding interest in the Facebook by the federal agencies is the latest fallout from the disclosure in March, when the New York Times and other platforms have reported that the world largest social media networks had mishandled the data of millions of their users.

The user data was harvested by the Cambridge Analytica, which is a British political consulting firm who ties to the Trump campaign, which of courses were used negatively to build the psychographic profiles of the American voters.

Mark Zuckerberg, The Facebook Chief Executive, has of course apologized for the data leakage and said that the social network should be better. In April, Mr. Zuckerberg has appeared in front of the Congress for two days to answer the questions about the Cambridge Analytica. He also have spoken to the regulators in the Europe.

Facebook has then continued some of the disclosures about their data practices. With over 747 page document which was sent to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Friday. The company said that it shared users information with over 52 hardware and of course software makers, which do includes some of the which are based in the China.

The facebook executive said that they had deleted the quiz app in December 2015 when they found out about the data harvesting.

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