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Facebook is Facing a $1.63 Billion Fine Due to Recent Hack

Facebook could have to Pay a billions fine to European Union data manager, Around five million out of the 50 Million People Afflicted in the new hack lived in The EU.

EU’s GDPR data manager has made data Administrator more Exacting for the Companies that shill interact with European Union Residents.

Recently Facebook is involved in a major data breach, It is not confirm that when Facebook platform got hacked by Anonymous Attackers. Agree Personal data of people about 50 million.

Recently the Author of facebook said that they had reset the access token to almost 50 Billion Accounts that they know they were Afflicted by the breach. newly Facebook said that they had taken a Precautionary step to Reset the access token for fourteen million account which they had been subject to a view as in the Previous year.

Facebook Under Fire

Even-though if the investigators find Facebook breach European Union’s recent general data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The company of face could face $1.63 Billion fines According to the Wall Street journal.

Thanks to a bug in Facebook’s feature that the hack was made impossible, The bug gave access to the Social Network login token systems they said that let the Anonymous attackers log in different account to Excerpt his/her Personal data.

Bigger Than You Think

Another good thing that the unknown hackers has been able to Compromise the third party user accounts connected to many other websites such as Instagram and Tinder or Daraz etc, So that was big breach To compromising the Security at good levels.

Facebook is still not Revealed information around the data that was Embezzled from other Accounts. They said that there is no word on what the Personal data shill be used yet, In the last breach the personal data was used by Cambridge Analytica for political Announcement, During the USA’s Presidential Election in 2016 To influence the voters of United states.


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