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Facebook Usage Has Increased Even After Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Effect on Facebook Usage After Cambridge Analytica: Facebook has faced huge drop down in the users after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal but It has seen increased in numbers from the Goldman Sachs.

The Deutsche Bank also found out the growth even after the company has removed around 583 million fake accounts.

Even the Cambridge Analytica Scandal was dropping the users in Facebook but actually the usage of facebook is increased.

A note was published by the Goldman Sachs that showed the ComScore figures #deleteFacebook seemed to have no effect at all.

Facebook US unique users on mobile rose to 7% in April. The time which was spent by the users on the platform also rose up.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal Affect on Facebook

It is a Great News that company has terminated the 583 million fake users which will help the advertisers to better target the correct geographic areas.

Deutsche Bank Said, We note that this data represents audience reach across properties, not rigidly tied to core Facebook, but we suspect they are picking up fake accounts across the board and view this as a broad indication that ad reach across Facebook continues to grow”.

It also appears that the company’s share price is also made his full recovery; there are yet few trust issues with the company.

The new numbers of changes in the company will give the boost to company CEO as he working hard to crash the Fake News, Privacy and Regulation by European Parliament.

CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Said, “A lot of users have deleted their facebook accounts due to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Many Analysts says that most of the companies are not even selling their Facebook Stock because the EU Laws won’t affect anything on the company user base”.

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