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Facial Recognition – What You Are About to See Will Shock You

The Human face plays extremely important rule in our society interactions, which helps conveying the people’s identity. Using the Human face as a key to security, the biometric face recognition technology has received tremendous  attention in the past several years due to its potential for a wide variety of applications in both law and non-law enforcement.

A Facial Recognition System is a technology that is capable of identifying and verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

There are various methods that can be used to for facial recognition systems work, but in the general, they work by comparing the selected facial feature from given image with faces within the databases.

Recently, Facial Recognition has become very popular as a commercial identification and marketing tool.

Cops Have Databases of 117 Million Faces. You are Probably In It

Cops Have Databases of 117 Million Faces. You are Probably In It

Well it’s no secret that American law has been building the facial recognition databases to bring the use of it in the investigations.

“Face recognition technology lets the police identify you from far away and in secret without ever talking to you,” says Alvaro Bedoya.

Well, the report has noted that no state has passed comprehensive legislation to define the parameter of how could the facial recognition technology be used in the law enforcement investigations.

The Security and Privacy Threats of Facial Recognition Authentication

The Security and Privacy Threats of Facial Recognition Authentication

The privacy issues are the most contested topics of facial recognition technology. Where does your face data stored? Who else can access it? What else will it be used for? These are most asked questions to answer before even using the Facial Recognition Technology.

To be fair, if you are a careless internet users, there is chance that your face is already there for taking on your social media profiles. However, the latest 3D maps that FaceID stores might even prove to be valuable data that the governmental agencies and cybercriminals would really want to lay hands on them.

If your Facial data is stored in a cloud server, third parties will be able to access them easily, with or without your permission and authorization. Fortunately for Apple only, they stores everything on the Secure Enclave of the iPhone, the encrypted hardware component that proved its mettle against the government level intrusion.


Final Words

My personal opinion: If you are a security and privacy freak (like me), or if you have a reason to worry about these leakage you are better off using a strong passcode.

Otherwise, for the moment, its safe to that the new facial recognition technology is safe and secure for average consumers. We will need to wait until to see if it remains so in the future or Not.

Let me know your opinions in the comment section below.

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