Fear That Destroys Laughing Lives in an Instant

Fear is something that destroys laughing lives in an instant. Wherever fear abounds, that place is no less than a desert, be it the heart of man, life or something else.

When we humans have fear, it comes out in different forms. When there is a fear of losing a relationship, this fear comes in the form of doubt and makes the relationship hollow.

We feel like our partner is cheating on us, and we ruin a laughing relationship in this doubt. But often the opposite is true.

Because we humans can’t read each other’s minds, and we believe what we see with our eyes, we don’t care if it’s a misunderstanding or the truth.

Sometimes fear arises in the form of doubt, sometimes in the form of defeat, sometimes in the form of fear of not being able to provide for someone, sometimes in the form of fear of not being worthy of someone, sometimes in the form of torment and sometimes in the form of trial.

It is a state of our mind that we often do not know how to handle or we don’t do it ourselves, so these fears win and we lose. You lose in both cases, whether it is true or false, it becomes your destiny.

That is why it is so important to overcome your fears. If you don’t overcome the fear, the fear will overcome you.

When that happens, you will lose the game you were supposed to win.

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