With Banning of TikTok Pakistan has Finally Controlled Child Rapes, Harassment Cases & Rape Culture

  • One of the most used app TikTok in Pakistan is finally banned by PTA for spreading obscene.

TikTok was the biggest entertainment app for youth of Pakistan, thousands of people earned millions of rupees from TikTok.

PTA Banned TikTok

Some of those tiktokers charged around 100,000 PKR just for 1 simple video ads.

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Its not the first time that PTA has sent TikTok notices/warnings to control vulgar content on TikTok many times. Most of the people think its the best decision by Government of Pakistan for banning this App.

While tiktokers earning from this platform felt so bad and are worried, their main source of income was from TikTok app.

M.Usama Posted, “Tik tok has been blocked
RIP all digital khusras 😂😂😂“.

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