Formula for Execution

Formula for Execution: Will all want to execute but we never know how to. We go to hundreds of sites to know how to execute but we never get the answer.

We are told to execute in a small level but a small start never gives us the result we want from it.

We want to exercise, read, sell, take our career to the peak but we never are ready to execute.

I also suffered from the same thing. I was never able to execute on the level I wanted. I started small, did it every day (almost), found partners to do it with.

However, some of them worked while all the others were totally time wasters.
if I told you to change the blueprint of your beliefs. how would you do it?

I will read books and find strategies and I will change my blueprint or I will do exercise, find the right people etc. and this will help me change my blueprint.

All you missed in you do this and that list is execution. If you have read 100+ books per year but don’t execute a single thing.

Top 5 Must Read Books (Before You Die)

Congratulations, you have flushed all your efforts in the toilet. Don’t get me wrong I recommend reading books to people.

But what I also say is to execute. If you read only 2 books per month or 20 books per year and you find only one strategy from each. And you execute.

It’s success. So let me show you a formula that will help you execute better and easier. Let’s dive in.

Have Only One Goal

No#1: Have Only One Goal

    “Focus on what matter the Most”

What do I mean by this. Let me explain the first part of the formula is cutting all the useless goals and only focusing on one goal at a time.

Let’s say you have freshly started exercising. So, don’t make the goals that I want to lose weight, look like a model and have massive energy throughout the day.

If you are that guy sorry. You are not going to make it and you will be so exhausted that you will quit exercising too.

But if you had only one goal like lose weight or create strength you would achieve you goal in less time and with less bullish*t.

  “Where focus goes energy flows”
  (Tony Robbins)

In short cutting all the useless goals and focusing on the logical goal will help you achieve that goal faster and easier.

Decide The Effort and The Result Today

No#2: Decide The Effort and The Result Today

For this one knows how much effort you goal need and what result you will gain from it. When you have you result you are looking for.

In your head you will move forward to the result. Suppose you are learning a new skill and don’t know what result you will get from it. You are a fool.

And you are playing the game called nothing. Not only you are wasting your time but you are also wasting your energy too.

Know the result before you start it and decide how much effort you can give to your goal.

 Know How To Use Dopamine

No#3: Know How To Use Dopamine

In the last step know how to use your dopamine. dopamine is a substance in our brain that basically gives us joy when we eat, drink, or do something that we love.

So how can you use your dopamine to keep you motivated and save you from exhausting.

One way that I can tell you is to measure you self every day. take couple to pages and make a sheet write each day in the first and write 5 categories in front of it.

Bad, worse, ordinary, good, great. Rank your self by it. And in some time when you rank yourself your dopamine receptors start flowing with your chart.

So when you will do ordinary you will have the feeling to do it better plus you will enjoy the effort.

So let’s sum up the entire article.
  1. First have only on goal and focus on it.
  2. Know the result and decide the effort you will put in it.
  3. Use your dopamine as your helper.

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